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What is Effective Altruism?

When time and money are limited, how can they best be used to prevent suffering and save lives? Why should we focus on helping individuals—most of whom are complete strangers—in the first place? The philosophy and global movement of Effective Altruism seeks to answer these questions from the point of view of cognitive and social psychology, philosophy, and economics.


About us

We tackle contemporary ethical questions scientifically and publish the results freely in the form of policy papers. Through our projects, we strive for the effective reduction of poverty and animal suffering while promoting a responsible approach to future technologies. We also offer donation and career advice to people who are interested in making a positive impact on the future.



The main website is in German. This English website is still under construction.

Our plans for 2017

2016 was quite a year for EAF, and we’ve taken on quite a lot for 2017, too! Our planned projects include EA outreach, donation and career advice, high-impact charity fundraisers, and research into the risks of emerging technologies, among much else.

Our plans


Raising for Effective Giving (REG)

Raising for Effective Giving (REG) is a fundraising hub that brings together philanthropically-minded professionals from a variety of fields, each of whom commit to donate a certain percentage of their incomes to demonstrably effective organizations. REG is well-known in the world of poker, where it has over 200 professional members, among them poker world champion Martin Jacobson.

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Foundational Research Institute

The Foundational Research Institute (FRI) conducts interdisciplinary research on effective and cooperative strategies to reduce involuntary suffering, with a focus on risks from emergent technologies. FRI’s scope ranges from foundational questions about ethics, consciousness and game theory to policy implications for global cooperation or AI safety.

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Further projects


April 12, 2017

Save the date: EAGxBerlin 2017

The next EAGxBerlin conference by the Effective Altruism Foundation will take place on the weekend of October 14th and 15th 2017 in Berlin. It will feature speakers from the effective altruism movement as well as professionals and researchers from relevant fields, with about 60% of the program in English, including most keynote presentations. Registration will…

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December 16, 2016

Our plans for 2017

2016 was quite a year for EAF. We opened our new headquarters in Berlin, grew our team from 13 to over 25 full-time equivalent employees, and expanded our activities into three new continents! Along the way, we celebrated many successes and learned from our mistakes. We’ve taken on quite a lot for 2017, too! Our…

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December 7, 2016

Adriano Mannino is leaving the Effective Altruism Foundation

During the last four years, Adriano Mannino helped found and grow the effective altruist movement in the German-speaking area. As a co-founder of the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF), he was the main creative mind behind many of our activities. For those who worked with him, he is an inspiring colleague and philosopher who introduced them…

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