23% USD 94,129 of USD 400,000

We’re raising funds to implement our plans for next year! In 2019 we want to increase our focus on worst risks of astronomical suffering (s-risks) from advanced artificial intelligence.

    • Research: We plan to continue our research in the areas of AI-related decision theory and bargaining, fail-safe measures, and macrostrategy.
    • Research coordination: We plan to host a research workshop focused on preventing disvalue from AI, publish an updated research agenda, and continue our support and coaching of independent researchers and organizations.
    • Grantmaking: We plan to grow our grantmaking capacity by expanding our team with a dedicated grantmaking researcher.

We believe there is a strong case for supporting our work, if you prioritize reducing s-risks. Otherwise we recommend considering to donate elsewhere since our financial situation has markedly improved compared to previous years.

Donations to the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) are tax deductible for donors in Germany, Switzerland, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. Donors in the US and the UK can make tax-deductible donations to EAF via the Effective Altruism Funds platform. Additionally, donors in the US can support EAF via GiveWell using the form below (bank transfer only). Learn more here.

If you’d like to support other EA organizations, you can do so on this website.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our donation FAQ. If the FAQ doesn’t answer your question, please send us an email at donate@ea-foundation.org.

Anonymous EUR 5
Roman Labonde EUR 60
Jens O. EUR 75
Aaron Wichman EUR 50
Henning Schäle EUR 250
Anonymous CHF 500
Christine Weber CHF 1000
Wolf Bullmann EUR 1000
Jakob Engelmann EUR 2000
Anonymous USD 20000
Anonymous EUR 120
Nils Hammacher EUR 75
Florian Thiel EUR 500
Anonymous CHF 100
Anonymous Recurring donation CHF 15
Scott Siskind USD 1000
Anonymous CHF 1000
Michael Wagner EUR 800
Anonymous EUR 500
Anonymous CHF 5000
Mike West EUR 2000
Anonymous EUR 1000
Anonymous CHF 3000
Anonymous EUR 150
Lars Hansen CHF 100
Anonymous EUR 200
Anonymous CHF 1000
Florian Schuck EUR 35
Anonymous CHF 1000
Anonymous CHF 3000
Anonymous CHF 200
Anonymous CHF 1000
Anonymous CHF 500
Tom Thommen CHF 35
Anonymous Recurring donation EUR 20
Anonymous EUR 200
Anonymous EUR 1500
Simon Drescher CHF 100
Anonymous Recurring donation EUR 100
Anonymous CHF 150
Anonymous EUR 150
Thomas Schenk CHF 500
Anonymous EUR 200
Anonymous CHF 250
Anonymous CHF 13000
Anonymous CHF 1000
Anonymous EUR 300
Anonymous CHF 500
Anonymous EUR 100
Lorena Steiger CHF 150
Götz Baumgarten Recurring donation EUR 100
Anonymous EUR 100
Anonymous EUR 250
Anonymous EUR 35
Anonymous EUR 1000
Anonymous EUR 1000
Anonymous USD 10000
Engel Michael CHF 6000
Anonymous CHF 3000
Gesa Baum EUR 200
Christian Bandy CHF 2000
Anonymous Recurring donation CHF 250
Benjamin Krug EUR 1500


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