Save the date: EAGxBerlin 2017

The next EAGxBerlin conference by the Effective Altruism Foundation will take place on the weekend of October 14th and 15th 2017 in Berlin. It will feature speakers from the effective altruism movement as well as professionals and researchers from relevant fields, with about 60% of the program in English, including most keynote presentations. Registration will […]

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Our plans for 2017

2016 was quite a year for EAF. We opened our new headquarters in Berlin, grew our team from 13 to over 25 full-time equivalent employees, and expanded our activities into three new continents! Along the way, we celebrated many successes and learned from our mistakes. We’ve taken on quite a lot for 2017, too! Our […]

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Adriano Mannino is leaving the Effective Altruism Foundation

During the last four years, Adriano Mannino helped found and grow the effective altruist movement in the German-speaking area. As a co-founder of the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF), he was the main creative mind behind many of our activities. For those who worked with him, he is an inspiring colleague and philosopher who introduced them […]

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The Importance of the Far Future

This article was first published on the website of our project Sentience Politics. Most charities focus their work on helping individuals who already exist, while few charities try to explicitly benefit individuals who will live in the future. Although it is understandable that people empathize primarily with currently existing individuals, this raises fundamental ethical questions: […]

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Why Evolution Has No Goal

Or: Metaphorically, it’s all about gene-copying success How evolutionary biology is being misunderstood The notion that evolution has a goal/purpose is a widespread misconception that comes in several variations. Many people falsely believe that evolution was working towards humans as a final product. But from a biological perspective, there is really no reason to single […]

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Sentience Research Essay Prize 2016

This post was first published on the blog of our project Sentience Politics. Sentience Politics is currently accepting submissions for the first Sentience Essay Prize on “effective strategies to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings.” The winner will be awarded $2,000. Effective altruism asks us to consider the best ways to reduce as much […]

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Chief Technology Officer at effective altruism start-up

We don’t accept any further applications for this position. When time and money are limited, how can we best use our resources to do as much good as possible? We approach this question using rationality and empirical science in order to identify and implement the most effective strategies to alleviate suffering. If you share this […]

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