EAGxBerlin 2017 – information for participants


You can find the full program booklet here.

Stay up-to-date

It’s possible that we’ll have to make short-term changes. In order to stay up-to-date, you can check out this page or the Facebook event from time to time.


  • (Saturday, 4 pm) Today’s official program is over soon, but we’d love to meet you at Zeitlos Cocktailbar (Franklinstr. 10) to discuss your ideas and hear about your projects. We’ll be there from 8 pm!
  • (Saturday, 9 am) Michelle Hutchinson won’t be able to give her talk today. We’ll watch it on YouTube instead and she’ll answer your questions via Skype. Also, Michelle won’t participate in the panel discussion or host the discussion round tomorrow.


Discussion rounds

  • On Sunday, 13:30-14:50, there will be discussion rounds where you can talk to representatives of different projects.
  • Here’s where you’ll find them:
    • Room H2032: Effective Altruism Foundation (Jonas Vollmer)
    • Room H2032: AI Safety and S-Risks: Foundational Research Institute (Max Daniel)
    • Room H2032: Raising for Effective Giving (Stefan Torges)
    • Room H2032: Wild-Animal Suffering (Persis Eskander)
    • Room H2037: The Centre for Effective Altruism (William MacAskill)
    • Room H2037: Careers in X-Risk (Carrick Flynn)
    • Room H2037: ProVeg International (Sebastian Joy)
    • Room H2013: Abschaffung der Massentierhaltung (Sophie Kwaß)
    • Room H2013: Psychology of Effective Altruism (Shiva Pauer / Lucius Caviola)
    • Room H2013: Effective Energy Altruism (Johannes Ackva)
    • Room H2013: Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC) – Deutsche Übersetzung (Jasper Götting, Sonja Füllhase)

Sign up for discussion rounds


  • In order to connect with other participants, feel free to post questions, insights, and other relevant content to our Facebook event wall.
  • Also, we’ll meet at the cocktail bar Zeitlos on Saturday night (15 min. walk from venue).
  • For other questions about effective altruism you can approach our EA Ambassadors at any time. You can recognize them by their turquoise name tags. They’ll be happy to talk to you!
  • In addition, we have created a networking spreadsheet where we included the information you provided when signing up. Feel free to add and remove any information you want. We recommend getting in touch with other participants prior to the conference.

Sign up for networking

Food & drinks

  • We will offer a selection of snacks and drinks during the conference.
  • We’ve also made reservations for lunch at a number of restaurants and cafés, all of which are within walking distance from the venue and offer vegan meals – see the following table (name for reservations: Jonas Vollmer).
  • In addition, you might want to check out these extensive online resources of vegetarian and vegan restaurants: happycow.net (English), berlin-vegan.de (German).

Available spots for lunch on Saturday and Sunday


Giving Game

During the conference we’ll host a Giving Game where you’ll be able to donate a €5 voucher to one of three causes (you’ll receive the voucher when registering at the venue). Have a look at these info sheets to find out more about the projects and organizations you can donate to. You can deposit your voucher in the urns located at the Giving Game stand in the Gallery.


You will receive a username and password to access the WiFi network at the registration desk. This login will be valid for both Saturday and Sunday.

Any more questions?

E-mail: eagxberlin@ea-stiftung.org

We’re very much looking forward to lots of exciting discussions, and to spending the weekend with you!