Save the date: EAGxBerlin 2017

The next EAGxBerlin conference by the Effective Altruism Foundation will take place on the weekend of October 14th and 15th 2017 in Berlin. It will feature speakers from the effective altruism movement as well as professionals and researchers from relevant fields, with about 60% of the program in English, including most keynote presentations. Registration will be open to the public. More information about the conference will be published over the coming months – to stay up to date, please sign up for our newsletter (in German).

To get an impression of what to expect, you can watch the recordings of last year’s EAGxBerlin conference on our YouTube channel. The conference had 300 attendants and was covered by 3sat, a German TV channel.

Update: Registration for EAGxBerlin 2017 is now open!


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