We support selected charities and projects from the effective altruism movement with quarterly grants. You can support those charities by making a donation to us and letting us know which recipient charity you’d like us to regrant it to using the form below.

Donations to support the Effective Altruism Foundation are tax deductible for donors in Germany, Switzerland, the USA (via bank transfer), and the Netherlands. Learn more here.

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On this page, you can make a donation towards international EA organizations. For donations towards the Effective Altruism Foundation and its projects, please use this page.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about donations as well as a point of contact in the FAQ.

You can support the following EA organizations:

  • 80,000 Hours
  • Against Malaria Foundation
  • Albert-Schweitzer-Foundation
  • Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Animal Equality
  • Animal Ethics
  • Center for Applied Rationality
  • Centre for Effective Altruism
  • Cool Earth
  • Development Media International
  • END Fund – deworming program
  • Evidence Action – Deworm the World Initiative
  • Evidence Action (unrestricted)
  • Food Fortification Initiative
  • Future of Humanity Institute
  • GAIN – Universal Salt Iodization program
  • GiveDirectly – main program
  • GiveDirectly – Basic Income Project
  • GiveWell
  • GiveWell for granting to recommended charities
  • Great Ape Project
  • Humane Slaughter Association
  • Iodine Global Network
  • Living Goods
  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • Malaria Consortium – seasonal malaria chemoprevention program
  • Mercy for Animals
  • New Incentives
  • Project Healthy Children
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
  • Sightsavers – deworming program
  • The Good Food Institute
  • The Humane League

For legal reasons, the board has to retain full discretion over how to use all donations they receive (EAS does not offer any fiduciary services). However, donors can assume safely that all their donations will be allocated according to their wishes.

If you support an external charity, or make a donation to us via an external charity, we will pass on your donation and contact details to that organisation. You can stop this information sharing at any time.


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