We enable donors from Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands to simply and safely support effective charities all over the world. We regularly award grants to partner organizations in the effective altruism movement, most of which operate in the United States. By specifying a desired purpose when making a donation to EAF below, donors can also claim their support for these organizations for tax purposes, even if they are not residents of the same country as the charity.

These partner organizations work in different cause areas. Here is a full list of all projects that we support with regular grants:

  • 80,000 Hours
  • Against Malaria Foundation
  • Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Centre for Effective Altruism
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Deworm the World Initiative (Evidence Action)
  • EAF Fund
  • Effective Altruism Foundation
  • Evidence Action (unrestricted)
  • GiveDirectly – Main program
  • GiveDirectly – Basic income project
  • GiveWell (operating expenses)
  • Helen Keller International – Vitamin A supplementation program
  • Humane Slaughter Association
  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • Malaria Consortium – Seasonal malaria chemoprevention program
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
  • The Good Food Institute
  • The Humane League
  • Wild Animal Initiative

On request we also accept large donations (≥ $10,000) on behalf of the following organizations:

  • Animal Ethics
  • END Fund – Deworming Program
  • Rethink Charity
  1. 1 Amount
  2. 2 Payment
  3. 3 Finish

We provide this service and all the necessary infrastructure (e.g. legal security and donations processing) free of charge (except for low payment provider fees, which we have no influence over). We believe that this is a cost-effective way to increase donations to the world’s best charities. It’s very important for some donors to be able to claim donations for tax purposes. Without this service, the money would not be donated at all or given to less effective organizations. Even if the donors would have donated in any case, it is likely they would have given less.

The minimum donation amounts help us reduce the overhead involved in processing donations. We recommend donating smaller amounts directly to the charities.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our donation FAQ. If the FAQ doesn’t answer your question, please contact us at donate@ea-foundation.org.

On this page, you can make a donation towards international EA organizations. To donate to the Effective Altruism Foundation, please use this page.