Your generous donation helps us tackle contemporary ethical questions scientifically and publish the results freely in the form of policy papers. Through our projects, we strive for the effective reduction of poverty and animal suffering while promoting a responsible approach to future technologies. We finance ourselves exclusively through private donations from over 700 people to date.

Donations to support the Effective Altruism Foundation are tax deductible for donors in Germany, Switzerland, the USA (via bank transfer), and the Netherlands. Learn more here.

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On this page, you can make a donation towards the Effective Altruism Foundation and its projects. If you’d like to support other EA organizations, you can use the following page:

Donate to other EA projects

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about donations as well as a point of contact in the FAQ. From the FAQ:

What does the donation process involve step by step?

  1. Registration: so that we can document your donations correctly internally, you can share your donation preferences with us through online registration. You can find the registration form for donations to EAF and its projects here, and for donations to international EA charities here. In order to keep administrative costs to a minimum, we ask you please to make individual contributions of at least ten Euros.
  2. Transfer: after successful registration you can select a payment method. On the website linked above, you can make your donation immediately, or on the same site you will find the relevant information for your payment method.
  3. Donation to external charities: if you choose to support an external charity, we will transfer your donation to them along with other contributions every six months.
  4. Tax donation receipt: see the answer below.

When and how do I receive a tax donation receipt?

Annually in January, we will send you a general receipt for your donations over the preceding year, so long as you donated from one of the countries named above and your donations totalled at least 100 Euros. Donors from the USA will receive their tax exemption directly from GiveWell. For donations from Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, you will receive an annual exemption from us via email, or by letter if we do not have an email address for you. Please fill in the relevant fields in the registration form.

What fees apply?

Donation processing is offered free of charge. Currently payments by credit card and direct debit are subject to a small fee charged by the payment processor.

You can find further answers to frequently asked questions about donations here.

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