Donation advice

Some charities are up to a hundred times more cost-effective than others. Some even have negative effects. Finding the best organizations isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly important in order to actually have a positive impact. The effective altruism community is dedicated to finding such outstanding giving opportunities.

As an organization, we have particular expertise when it comes to philanthropy related to the risks of artificial intelligence, most of all in our focus area: potential risks of astronomical suffering. You can find our most recent donation recommendations for this particular cause on our blog. When in doubt, we recommend giving to our fund or getting in touch. We’re happy to provide guidance within that cause area even for small donations.

For donors interested in other cause areas, such as addressing global catastrophic risks more generally, alleviating global poverty, or ending factory farming, we recommend reading our guide (German). If you’re interested in making a donation larger than $100,000, feel free to contact us at We’re happy to put you in touch with the relevant experts.