Organization and goals

Effective Altruism Foundation, Inc is a tax-exempt public charity incorporated in New York. Its board members are Stefan Torges (President), Tobias Pulver, and Daniel Kestenholz. The foundation’s charitable purpose is as follows:

  • The foundation’s primary purpose is to undertake and contribute to research on how to improve the quality of the lives of as many sentient beings as extensively as possible. As a think tank, it contributes to the development of fundamental understandings of effective ethical behavior and action.
  • In particular, it is committed to evidence-based poverty reduction, the reduction of animal suffering, the improvement of international cooperation and stability, and the promotion of responsible approaches to future technologies. It promotes the philosophy and social movement effective altruism. 

The Foundation pursues no commercial interest and is exclusively not-for-profit.



The foundation’s primary activity is conducting research to further our research agenda on Cooperation, Conflict, and Transformative Artificial Intelligence outlines what we think are the most promising avenues for developing technical and governance interventions aimed at avoiding conflict between transformative AI systems. We draw on international relations, game theory, behavioral economics, machine learning, decision theory, and formal epistemology.

Research Agenda Publications

Financials and transparency

Incorporation documents:


We receive our funding from several major sources. The first is individual supporters, many of whom have pledged to donate a percentage of their income to effective charities. We have also received support from the Open Philanthropy Project and the Survival and Flourishing Fund. We are independent and do not receive significant contributions from other institutional donors.