Local EA groups promote the ground-level exchange of Effective Altruism and organize regular talks, workshops, and social events. The events are public—everyone is warmly invited to come along and join in. We are always delighted to welcome new supporters!

Active local groups

The following local groups are in active collaboration with EAF (names of co-organizers are in brackets). They have made a cooperation agreement which ensures support from EAF as well as the maintenance of certain minimum standards from the group. However, as far as content goes, they still work independently.

In the following cities there are further local groups:

Further suitable cities for local groups

In the following cities, there are already interested people, although local groups have not yet been founded. We would love further supporters to make groups possible!

Start a local group

Would you like to start an EA local group in your own city? Whether you’re already committed or just curious about what’s possible, you’re warmly welcome to contact Marcello Veronese (FacebookEmail), our outreach coordinator in German-speaking areas.

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