Open Position: Operations Analyst

Application is now closed. Please email if you’re interested in working with us.

We’re looking for a generalist who’s enthusiastic about building smart systems to keep our organization running smoothly, and who’s able to create a professional environment where everyone can contribute maximally to our mission of improving the quality of the long-term future.

In this role, you’ll work at the heart of our organization. You’ll help us host high-impact events, build a productive workplace, expand and maintain our multinational corporate structure, and continually learn and improve as an organization. You’ll assume a broad range of responsibilities and work on a set of challenging and diverse tasks right from the start. In the process, you’ll rapidly acquire skills and knowledge from a variety of business domains that you can apply across many industries. You’ll become part of our team of intellectually curious, hard-working, and caring people who are all truly driven to make the biggest difference they can.


You will:

  • Facilitate the development of ideas on how to positively affect the quality of the long-term future by organizing research retreats and similar events.
  • Leverage the impact of everybody on the team by devising effective operational processes and crafting a productive workplace.
  • Help fundraise millions every year for the most effective charities by building and maintaining a multinational corporate structure.
  • Build the foundation of our long-term performance, all the while seeing tangible results on a day-to-day basis.

Core Responsibilities

You will work in at least two out of the following areas:

  • Event management: You will organize scientific retreats with top EA researchers, workshops on effective philanthropy with ultra-high-net-worth donors, and meetups with leading members of the German-speaking EA community. Responsibilities include: Identifying requirements and expectations for events, planning and scheduling project phases and tasks, liaison with vendors and stakeholders, maintaining budgets, monitoring progress, and evaluating outcomes.
  • Productive workplace: You will help to make EAF an extraordinary place to work. Responsibilities include: Overseeing general office operation, upgrading the workspace, continually improving internal processes so that everybody on our team can thrive and excel at their job.
  • Corporate structure and compliance: You will pave the way for our projects to operate on a global scale. Responsibilities include: Building and maintaining a multinational corporate setup, monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, managing our work with external legal counsels.
  • Organizational development: You will get the opportunity to craft an outstanding organization with great people and a great culture. Responsibilities include: Evaluating internal needs and uncovering areas for improvement, conducting research on best practices, developing and implementing processes and policies to improve upon current methods.

Although you’ll mainly work as a generalist, you can specialize in any field of operations that you’re interested in. This way, you’ll be able to contribute to several sub-departments, including accounting and finance, administration and logistics, donations and grantmaking, HR and management, and legal matters. We periodically review the allocation of responsibilities within the operations department to match our team members’ skills and interests.


We’re looking for generalists who strive to have the biggest impact they can. Ideally, applicants have several of the following characteristics:

  • Taking joy in solving operational problems and getting things done
  • Optimization mindset and a drive to continuously improve
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Ability to prioritize between competing tasks
  • Highly conscientious, resilient, and calm under pressure
  • Friendly, collaborative, and excellent communication skills

We do not require applicants to have specific degrees in specific fields. Administrative and management experience can be a valuable asset. German language proficiency is a significant plus.

Additional Information

  • This is a full-time position based in our offices in the heart of Berlin—a cosmopolitan city offering a lot for all tastes at low living costs. We will consider remote work only in very exceptional circumstances.
  • The starting salary for this position will be between EUR 35,000 to EUR 55,000. In exceptional circumstances, we’d consider salaries up to EUR 70,000. We also support your professional development with funding and training. Other benefits include health care and dental coverage, generous paid vacation time, and flexible working hours.
  • We are an equal-opportunity employer and we value diversity at our organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, physical attractiveness, marital status, or disability. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all applicants to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process:

Application Process

    • We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. We expect the hiring process to be finished by October 19. The starting date for the position will be determined together with the successful applicant.
    • The first stage consists of an application form and a standardized test. This will be followed by a work sample (second stage) and an interview (third stage). The final stage is a one-week trial.
    • We decided to blind the first two stages to ensure as fair an evaluation as possible.
    • Interviews via video call will likely be held on September 19 to 21. The trial week will likely take place in Berlin on October 15 to 19. Please contact us if you won’t be available during either of those times. We will consider exceptions:
    • The soft application deadline is at midnight on September 9. The hard application deadline is at midnight on September 11. Applicants who submit their full application after September 9 will have less time to complete the work sample (likely 4 instead of 5 days). Start your application by filling out the online application form (~90 minutes). After completing it, you will receive a link to the standardized test (45 minutes) right away. You don’t need to do the test immediately, but only applicants who submit both the form and complete the test will be considered.

About the Effective Altruism Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify cooperative and effective strategies to reduce involuntary suffering. While we prioritize the reduction of suffering, we also put great value on happiness, flourishing, and fulfilling people’s life goals. We are committed to pursuing positive-sum strategies and respecting the values of others to reap mutual gains from trade and collaboration.

Currently, this means we facilitate research aimed at finding strategies to prevent s-risks, and build a community of exceptional people with the commitment and capabilities to put these strategies into practice—both as part of their careers and their giving.

Our Culture

We are a small team of intellectually curious, hard-working, and compassionate people who care deeply about averting risks of astronomical suffering. In order to achieve that ambitious goal, we strictly prioritize what to pursue as an organization and as individuals. Getting the right answer and getting things done are the two main drivers behind our work.

Whenever we have identified current priority goals, we work hard to achieve them. Getting exceptional results often requires improving both ourselves and our organization. We encourage everybody to question the status quo and take initiative wherever it’s needed.

We set goals together and leave it up to the individual to pursue them autonomously. We want everybody to own their area of responsibility. At the organizational level, we value flexibility, as areas of responsibility can change frequently due to new priorities and opportunities.

While this can make for an intense working environment, we also put great value on self-care and mutual support. We are in this for the long haul, and we strive to always be cognizant of that fact as individuals. This role is your opportunity to become a crucial part of that journey.