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We are looking for a generalist who will identify and evaluate high-impact grant opportunities intended to improve the quality of the long-term future.

In this role, you will have a tangible impact by directing funds to high-impact opportunities, all the while building your skills in grantmaking research and expanding your knowledge about key cause areas of the effective altruism community. Within your area of responsibility, you will be able to work very autonomously on a set of challenging and diverse tasks. You will become part of our team of intellectually curious, hard-working, and caring people, all of whom share a profound drive to make the biggest difference they can.


Core Responsibilities

Future Options

We are still a fairly young organization with shifting priorities, in a landscape that also undergoes frequent changes. Therefore, we expect there to be some scenarios in which other types of work become much more valuable. If that is the case, you will, outside of the role specified here, also have options for development in the following areas:


We are looking for generalists with strong research skills who strive to have the biggest impact they can. Passion for our mission and understanding of our prioritization of risks of astronomical suffering is key to making outstanding contributions in this role. Ideally, applicants have the following qualities:

We do not require applicants to have specific degrees in specific fields. Academic research experience, as well as some understanding of the areas to be investigated, can nevertheless be valuable assets. German language proficiency is a plus.

Additional Information

Application Process

About the Effective Altruism Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify cooperative and effective strategies to reduce involuntary suffering. While we prioritize the reduction of suffering, we also put great value on happiness, flourishing, and fulfilling people’s life goals. We are committed to pursuing positive-sum strategies and respecting the values of others to reap mutual gains from trade and collaboration.

Currently, this means we facilitate research aimed at finding strategies to prevent s-risks, and build a community of exceptional people with the commitment and capabilities to put these strategies into practice—both as part of their careers and their giving.

Our Culture

We are a small team of intellectually curious, hard-working, and compassionate people who care deeply about averting risks of astronomical suffering. In order to achieve that ambitious goal, we strictly prioritize what to pursue as an organization and as individuals. Getting the right answer and getting things done are the two main drivers behind our work.

Whenever we have identified current priority goals, we work hard to achieve them. Getting exceptional results often requires improving both ourselves and our organization. We encourage everybody to question the status quo and take initiative wherever it’s needed.

We set goals together and leave it up to the individual to pursue them autonomously. We want everybody to own their area of responsibility. At the organizational level, we value flexibility, as areas of responsibility can change frequently due to new priorities and opportunities.

While this can make for an intense working environment, we also put great value on self-care and mutual support. We are in this for the long haul, and we strive to always be cognizant of that fact as individuals. This role is your opportunity to become a crucial part of that journey.