We founded Raising for Effective Giving (REG) in 2014 as a way to spread the ideas of effective giving among poker professionals. Since its launch, we have significantly grown the number of poker players who regularly donate a percentage of their winnings to effective charities. One of the co-founders was even portrayed under the moniker “The Robin Hood of Poker”. We continue to disseminate these ideas, advise professional players, and support fundraising campaigns to multiply the impact of their donations.

The project has been highly successful, so far raising over €6,000,000 for effective charities. In addition, in 2017 PokerStars, the market leader in online poker, donated over €200,000 via REG. Meanwhile, all project expenses to date amount to just a little over €400,000—in other words, for every euro we’ve spent, we’ve generated more than €15 in donations for other effective organizations.

If you have any questions about REG, please visit the project’s website or contact Stefan Torges at info@reg-charity.org.

Raising for Effective Giving Director: Stefan Torges
“The poker community has proven to be exceptionally generous and open to our ideas. For the best players, it is quite normal to proceed strategically and quantitatively to earn money at the table. At Raising for Effective Giving we believe we should take the same approach when it comes to deciding where to donate. That’s what makes it a good match.”

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