Jonas Vollmer Portrait

Jonas Vollmer

Co-Executive Director

Jonas is responsible for the strategic direction and management of EAF as well as communications with the effective altruism community. He studied medicine and economics with a focus on health and development economics, during which time he acquired expertise central to charity evaluation. He previously served on the boards of several charities.

Stefan Torges Portrait

Stefan Torges

Co-Executive Director

Stefan is responsible for all philanthropic activities and donor relations as well as representing the organization to the general public. In addition, he manages Raising for Effective Giving, one of our projects. He regularly gives talks and workshops on effective altruism. Previously, Stefan studied philosophy, neuroscience, and cognitive science at the University of Magdeburg.

Lukas Gloor Portrait

Lukas Gloor

Director of Strategy

Lukas is responsible for EAF’s strategic focus. Working at the Foundational Research Institute (FRI), he developed important considerations from the perspective of suffering-focused ethics. He is currently researching how to mitigate risks from emerging technologies.

Tobias Pulver Portrait

Tobias Pulver

Community Manager

Tobias coordinates EAF's work related to local effective altruism groups. Previously he led Raising for Effective Giving (REG). Under his leadership, the EAF project generated more than a million in donations in the first two years of its existence. Tobias studied politics at the University of Zurich and worked for the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA).

Daniel Kestenholz Portrait

Daniel Kestenholz

Director of Operations

Daniel coordinates the Operations department. Previously he acquired experience in civil engineering and development cooperation and studied economics and philosophy.

Anni Leskelä Portrait

Anni Leskelä

Research | Foundational Research Institute

Anni's research interests include the philosophy of simulations, AI policy and strategy, and the evolution of suffering. She studies philosophy and neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, and has previously published material on bioethics as well as blogged about topics related to AI risk and suffering-focused altruism.

Johannes Treutlein Portrait

Johannes Treutlein

Research | Foundational Research Institute

Johannes researches decision theory and supports FRI's recruiting and Outreach. Before his work at FRI, Johannes studied the double bass in Stuttgart and Nuremberg and played with the Munich Philharmonic.

David Althaus Portrait

David Althaus

Director of Strategy | Foundational Research Institute

David runs the operations of the Foundational Research Institute (FRI) and coordinates their human resources, outreach and research activities. He studied psychology at the Universities of Innsbruck, Cologne and Basel.

Brian Tomasik Portrait

Brian Tomasik

Advisor | Foundational Research Institute

Brian is the author of over 100 pieces on his website, "Essays on Reducing Suffering", as well as several published papers. He has worked at Microsoft and FlyHomes as a data scientist and web developer. He studied computer science, mathematics, and statistics at Swarthmore College.

Persis Eskander Portrait

Persis Eskander

Executive Director | Wild Animal Suffering Research

Persis manages the Wild Animal Suffering Research project and conducts research on the topic. Previously she worked in social justice policy, advocacy, and analysis. Persis holds degrees in law and philosophy from UNSW and is currently undertaking a Masters of Economics at ANU.

Ozy Brennan Portrait

Ozy Brennan

Research Associate | Wild Animal Suffering Research

Ozy researches wild animal suffering. They graduated from New College of Florida with a degree in sociology.

Georgia Ray Portrait

Georgia Ray

Research | Wild Animal Suffering Research

Georgia writes about a variety of topics including animal welfare and existential risk on the website Eukaryote Writes Blog, and helps run the Seattle Effective Altruists group. She has done research on bacteriophage-host interactions and graduated from The Evergreen State College with a focus in microbiology.

Alfredo Parra Portrait

Alfredo Parra

Operations Analyst

Alfredo supports EAF in Operations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics as well as a master’s degree and a PhD in Computational Science from the Technical University of Munich.

Ruairí Donnelly Portrait

Ruairí Donnelly

Director of Growth

Ruairí defines EAF's growth plan and coordinates fundraising for EAF projects. Previously, he led our high net worth philanthropy project, Raising for Effective Giving.

Advisors, interns, and volunteers

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger, Co-founder and advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Lucius Caviola, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Jan Dirk Capelle, Advisor & Speaker, Effective Altruism Foundation
Kaspar Etter, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Dr. Adrian Hutter, Advisor, Foundational Research Institute
Thomas Moispointner, Operations, Effective Altruism Foundation
Naoki Peter, IT, Effective Altruism Foundation
Denis Drescher, IT, Effective Altruism Foundation
Pascal Zimmer, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Jasper Götting, Community & Speaker, Effective Altruism Foundation
Max Räuker, Community & Speaker, Effective Altruism Foundation


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