Tobias Pulver Portrait

Tobias Pulver

Co-Executive Director

Tobias manages and coordinates EAF's activities. Previously he led Raising for Effective Giving (REG). Under his leadership, the EAF project generated more than a million in donations in the first two years of its existence. Tobias studied politics at the University of Zurich and worked for the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA).

Ruairí Donnelly Portrait

Ruairí Donnelly

Co-Executive Director

Ruairí works on the strategic development and growth of EAF. He communicates with our supporters and is responsible for EAF’s international partnerships.

Jonas Vollmer Portrait

Jonas Vollmer

Director of Communications

Jonas is the head of EAF's communications and outreach department. He studied medicine and economics with a focus on health and development economics, during which time he acquired expertise central to charity evaluation. He previously served on the boards of several charities. His career choice, motivated by effective altruism, was covered in major Swiss media outlets.

Meret Schneider Portrait

Meret Schneider

Project Manager Switzerland | Sentience Politics

Meret is the project manager of Sentience Politics Switzerland. She studied linguistics, journalism and environmental science at the University of Zurich and is a politician. Meret is President of the Young Greens in Zurich and is a local councilor for the city of Uster.

Lukas Gloor Portrait

Lukas Gloor

Director of Strategy

Lukas is responsible for EAF’s strategic focus. Working at the Foundational Research Institute (FRI), he developed important considerations from the perspective of suffering-focused ethics. He is currently researching how to mitigate risks from emerging technologies.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger Portrait

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger

Scientific Advisor and Board Member

Thomas Metzinger is a professor in theoretical philosophy at the University of Mainz and director of the interdisciplinary Mind Group. His research interests are the analytical philosophy of the mind, the philosophy of cognitive science and the ethics of neurotechnology.

Kelly Witwicki Portrait

Kelly Witwicki

Director of Communications | Sentience Politics

Kelly manages Sentience Politics's external communications, branding, website, and English content. Kelly previously earned to give as a User Experience Engineer at Google, and volunteered her time doing graphic design work with various animal advocacy organizations. She holds a degree in Art History with an emphasis in Visual Culture and Communications from the University of Toronto.

Daniel Kestenholz Portrait

Daniel Kestenholz

Director of Operations

Daniel coordinates the Operations department. Previously he acquired experience in civil engineering and development cooperation and studied economics and philosophy.

Max Daniel Portrait

Max Daniel

Executive Director | Foundational Research Institute

Max manages FRI and oversees the development of FRI's strategy and research agenda. He holds a degree in mathematics from Heidelberg University and previously served on the board of an international development NGO.

Stefan Torges Portrait

Stefan Torges

Co-Executive Director | Sentience Politics

Stefan is responsible for the coordination of the different activities of Sentience Politics. At the same time, he organizes the Sentience Conference and maintains the political actions of Sentience Politics in Germany. Previously, Stefan studied philosophy, neuroscience and cognition at the University of Magdeburg.

Anne Wissemann Portrait

Anne Wissemann


Anne supports EAF’s management. She leads on sponsorship and transactions and undertakes countless administrative and legal clarifications as well as strategic research on NGO management. Anne studied biology, art and chemistry in Essen.

Alina Mendt Portrait

Alina Mendt


Alina supports EAF in the area of operations. Her field of activity also includes proofreading of texts as well as translation from English to German. She studies German philology and cultural studies at the University of Bremen.

Jona Sicheneder Portrait

Jona Sicheneder


Jona supports EAF in Operations. She holds a degree in social work and is currently doing a master's in practical research in social work and early education at Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin.

Persis Eskander Portrait

Persis Eskander

Director of Research | Sentience Politics

Persis manages the Sentience Politics Research Network, the development of policy papers and conducts research on wild animal suffering. Previously she worked in social justice policy, advocacy, and analysis. Persis holds degrees in law and philosophy from UNSW and is currently undertaking a Masters of Economics at ANU.

Ozy Brennan Portrait

Ozy Brennan

Research Associate | Sentience Politics

Ozy researches wild animal suffering for Sentience Politics. They graduated from New College of Florida with a degree in sociology.

Marcello Veronese Portrait

Marcello Veronese


Marcello supports EAF activities in the area of outreach. He coordinates the preparation of resources and is the point of contact for EA local groups in German speaking areas. Marcello studied psychology at the University of Wurzburg.

Jan Dirk Capelle Portrait

Jan Dirk Capelle

Managing Director | Raising for Effective Giving

Jan supports REG’s work in Berlin. He also coordinates the preparation of training materials and a policy paper on rationality. Jan studied philosophy, neuroscience and cognition in Magdeburg and cognitive science in Osnabruck.

Caspar Oesterheld Portrait

Caspar Oesterheld

Researcher | Foundational Research Institute

Caspar studied computer science at the University of Bremen. In middle and high school, he completed a year's worth of university-level courses in mathematics at the University of Hamburg. He has published in the journal Synthese and his research areas include theoretical computer science, ethics, and artificial intelligence.

David Althaus Portrait

David Althaus

Director of Strategy | Foundational Research Institute

David runs the operations of the Foundational Research Institute (FRI) and coordinates their human resources, outreach and research activities. He studied psychology at the Universities of Innsbruck, Cologne and Basel.

Johannes Treutlein Portrait

Johannes Treutlein

Research and Growth | Foundational Research Institute

Johannes researches decision theory and supports FRI's recruiting and Outreach. Before his work at FRI, Johannes studied the double bass in Stuttgart and Nuremberg and played with the Munich Philharmonic.

Anna Riedl Portrait

Anna Riedl


As representative of Austria, Anna is responsible for building EAF in Vienna. Her area of responsibility includes PR, event management, administration, strategic planning and coordination of the Austrian EA local groups. She studies psychology at the University of Vienna.

Camila Rauchwerger Portrait

Camila Rauchwerger

Project Manager Austria | Sentience Politics

Camila heads Sentience Politics in Austria and works especially on event management, strategic planning and coordination for the Austrian Sentience Community. She is currently studying biology at the University of Vienna.

Mihai Badic Portrait

Mihai Badic

Creative Lead

Mihai is a multidisciplinary digital creative. He brings with him over ten years of experience in tech and the creative industries and has previously worked for some of the world’s biggest brands, design agencies, tech start-ups and government bodies. Since joining as Creative Lead of EAF, he has been steadily reworking our public image, both on and off line.

Adrian Rorheim Portrait

Adrian Rorheim


Adrian is in charge of copyediting and proofreading of English content at EAF, including its sister projects. Before joining the team, Adrian worked as an assistant teacher, helped found a human rights organization, and campaigned for animal rights in Oslo, Norway.

Brian Tomasik Portrait

Brian Tomasik

Research Lead | Foundational Research Institute

Brian is the author of over 100 pieces on his website, "Essays on Reducing Suffering", as well as several published papers. He has worked at Microsoft and FlyHomes as a data scientist and web developer. He studied computer science, mathematics, and statistics at Swarthmore College.

Simon Knutsson Portrait

Simon Knutsson

Researcher | Foundational Research Institute

Simon has chaired the board of Animal Charity Evaluators and of the political party for animals in Sweden, spent several years at an investment company, and worked as a Research Analyst at GiveWell. He has studied philosophy at the master's level at New York University, and he has an MSc in economics with highest distinction from University of Gothenburg.

Jeff Jordan Portrait

Jeff Jordan

Director of Outreach | Raising for Effective Giving

Jeff is responsible for outreach and donor stewardship at Raising for Effective Giving. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems, a program combining cognitive science, computer science, and philosophy. Jeff has previously worked at the Center for the Study of Language and Information on research in natural logic.

Jacy Reese Portrait

Jacy Reese

Senior Fellow | Sentience Politics

Jacy conducts research for Sentience Politics. He is currently writing a book on The End of Animal Farming, which will lay out an evidence-based roadmap for humanity's transition to an animal-free food system. Jacy previously served as board chair, then as a full-time researcher, at Animal Charity Evaluators.

Kim Korte Portrait

Kim Korte

Chief Technology Officer

Kim coordinates the Information Technology department and is responsible for systems and infrastructure. He worked as a freelance web developer in the areas of seafaring, automobile, and aviation and studied Human-Computer-Interaction.

Interns and volunteers

Lucius Caviola, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Tanja Rüegg, Sentience Politics Zurich, Sentience Politics
Mike Stadelmann, Sentience Politics Zurich, Sentience Politics
Dr. Charlotte Blattner, Researcher, Effective Altruism Foundation
Corina Fuhrer, Legal Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Kaspar Etter, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Massimo Mannino, Advisor, Effective Altruism Foundation
Dr. Adrian Hutter, Advisor, Foundational Research Institute
Anna Travinskaya, Catering and Accounting, Effective Altruism Foundation
Naoki Peter, IT, Effective Altruism Foundation
Ricky Venz, Media, Effective Altruism Foundation
Kay Honegger, Media, Effective Altruism Foundation
Kaspar Gertsch, Researcher, Effective Altruism Foundation

Local group coordinators

Anna Riedl, President, Effective Altruism Vienna
Paulina Widmer, President, Effective Altruism at University of St. Gallen
Konrad Seifert, Co-President, Effective Altruism Geneva
Daniel Wünn, Effektiver Altruismus Zurich
Lukas Kirchhoff, Effektiver Altruismus Tubingen
Marc Stöckli, Effektiver Altruismus Bayreuth
Maxime Stauffer, Co-President, Effective Altruism Geneva
Monika Kopec, Effektiver Altruismus Stuttgart
Nikolai Morin, Effektiver Altruismus Munich
Nina Goldman, Vice-President, frei denken uni basel
Rita Fleer, Effektiver Altruismus Bern
Sara Savona, President, frei denken uni basel
Tobias Wolfram, Effektiver Altruismus Berlin

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