Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF)




Efringerstr. 25
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The Foundation’s purpose is to improve the quality of the lives of as many sentient beings as extensively as possible.

Policy Plan

EAF is a charitable foundation located in Basel, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany. EAF’s purpose, according to its Foundation Charter, is as follows:

English (translated version):

Article 2: Purpose

The Foundation’s purpose is to improve the quality of the lives of as many sentient beings as extensively as possible, making use of scientific methods in order to do so. As a think tank, it contributes to the development of fundamental understandings of effective ethical behavior and action.
In particular, it is committed to evidence-based poverty reduction, the reduction of animal suffering, the improvement of international cooperation and stability, and the promotion of responsible approaches to future technologies. It promotes the philosophy and social movement effective altruism.
The Foundation is active domestically and internationally.
The Foundation pursues no commercial interest and is exclusively not-for-profit.
Pursuant to Article 86a of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB), the founder explicitly reserves the right to change the Foundation’s purpose.

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EAF has two predecessors: GBS Switzerland and Effective Altruism Switzerland (EACH). GBS Switzerland was an organization (Verein) located in Basel, Switzerland, and a local chapter of the German gbs. GBS Switzerland transferred all of its activities and funds to EAF in November 2015 and has since been inactive. Effective Altruism Switzerland (EACH) was an organization (Verein) located in Basel, Switzerland, and was dissolved on 15 December 2015.

We receive the majority of our funding from individual supporters who pledged to donate a percentage of their income to effective charities. We are fully independent and do not receive significant contributions from institutional donors.

Position of the directors

The Foundation’s bodies are: The Foundation Board, the Management Board and the
Auditor, unless the supervisory authority grants an exemption from the duty to audit.


EAF’s board members are Lukas Gloor (President), Jonas Vollmer (Vice President), David Althaus, Ruairí Donnelly, Tobias Baumann, Max Daniel and Caspar Oesterheld.

Payment Policy

As stated in Article 5 of EAF’s Foundation Charter, the members of the Foundation Board (Trustees) act on a voluntary basis. They can only be compensated insofar as they are hired for a specific position apart from their duties as Trustees.

The remuneration of employees including managers is not based on a collective labor agreement. It is determined by the Foundation Board or compensation committee in accordance with the following guidelines. (This policy is not a regulation in terms of the Foundation Charter, Article 6.)

The remuneration of EAF staff should correspond to the remuneration of similarly qualified persons in functionally comparable positions at similarly situated organizations.
The remuneration should allow our staff to meet their needs, i.e. to make a living.
Major differences in remuneration between staff members should be avoided.

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