We want to help build a community of exceptionally committed people who deal in depth with the questions posed by effective altruism and develop new ideas themselves, thereby contributing to the further development of the movement.

Local groups. We support EA local groups in German-speaking countries, which serve as the point of first contact for many people. In order to achieve a common understanding of the goals and strategies for local groups, we organize regular meetups for local group leaders in German-speaking countries and have compiled all resources and information relevant for local groups on a central overview page. We also coordinate our efforts with the Centre for Effective Altruism and LEAN in order to implement the knowledge and best practices of the global movement.

Outreach. When it comes to facilitating the exchange of ideas, there’s nothing better than personal conversations. To enable discussions of different ideas within effective altruism, we organize events such as EAGxBerlin, workshops, and seminars, in addition to our local group work. We are also experimenting with in-depth personal conversations with particularly committed and interested people on advanced questions and topics related to effective altruism.

Communications. We maintain the website effektiveraltruismus.de as an introductory resource and guide to the German EA movement. In the media, we seek to accurately represent effective altruism and portray the movement in all its nuance. We also send out the German EA newsletter and provide information about important developments in the EA movement via social media.


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Do you have questions about which causes to prioritize or how fundamental values should influence your actions?
We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the philosophy and application of effective altruism. We help committed members of the movement to gain an overview of the most crucial considerations.

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