The Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) launches projects aimed at reducing as much suffering as possible. Once initiated, projects are carried forwards by EAF with differing degrees of independence, until in some cases they eventually become autonomous organizations.

Raising for Effective Giving

Raising for Effective Giving (REG) empowers people to make better giving choices by promoting the idea of effective giving, providing donation advice to individuals and organizations, and supporting fundraising campaigns and events. They've been primarily active in professional poker but REG helps anybody interested in making the biggest impact they can with their philanthropy.

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Foundational Research Institute

The Foundational Research Institute (FRI) conducts interdisciplinary research on effective and cooperative strategies to reduce involuntary suffering, with a focus on risks from emergent technologies. FRI’s scope ranges from foundational questions about ethics, consciousness and game theory to policy implications for global cooperation or AI safety.

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Our community project is working to popularize EA within the German-speaking world through local groups in several cities, with whom we host regular lectures, discussion events, networking meetups, workshops, and panel discussions. We have published reports on effective altruism in numerous influential media outlets and provide online materials, including a German-language landing page, blog posts, and videos. EAF coordinates its community activities with the Centre for Effective Altruism.

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Wild-Animal Suffering Research

The Wild-Animal Suffering Research (WAS Research) project conducts multidisciplinary research across ecology, welfare biology, philosophy and economics in the hope of identifying policies to improve the wellbeing of all types of wild animals. Their goal is to reduce the suffering experienced by nonhuman animals in nature.

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Sentience Politics

EAF incubated Sentience Politics since its founding in 2014 as a project working on political initiatives for animals and effective animal advocacy research. Since June 2017, Sentience Politics has been an independent entity focusing on political campaigning in Switzerland. Their current priority is the recently launched national initiative for a ban on factory farming.

Sentience Institute

The mission of the newly formed Sentience Institute is to conduct research and outreach on effective strategies to expand humanity’s moral circle to include all sentient beings. The Sentience Institute emerged from the research-oriented division of Sentience Politics (see above) and is an independent organization.

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